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Ansots is owned and operated by Dan, Tamara, and Ellie Ansotegui. Here we make a variety of chorizos, marinated solomo, and Basque bacon for you to enjoy at home.  Our Ansots crew is also available to come to your house to cook and cater your event. We welcome you into our restaurant for small plates, Basque & Spanish wines, Basque natural cider, and espresso like you remember from your trips, either real or imagined, to the Basque Country.

The Ansotegui Inchausti family has been a part of the Idaho Basque scene for over a century. In 1908, Dan’s grandfather, Santiago Ansotegui, jumped ship in New York and made his way out west to find work. He ended up on a ranch in southern Oregon herding sheep. In 1911, his betrothed, Gregoria left Ibarrangelua, Bizkaia, in Spain to be with him. They were married and started their family. The couple had four children, Antonio, Domingo (Dan’s dad), Francisca, and Julia. They moved to Nampa in 1920 and lived across from the Spanish Hotel, a Basque Boarding House run by the Jausoro Family.

David Inchausti, Dan’s maternal grandfather, immigrated to the U.S. in 1922, working on the Drake Ranch between Challis and Mackay, Idaho. He returned to Spain in 1925, met and married Epifania Lamiquiz, and came back to earn the money to bring her back to the States. She came to the U.S. in 1928 with their 2 year old daughter, Rosie, who had been born after David had returned to the U.S. Although she was a seamstress by trade, Epi became the ranch’s head cook, and the Inchausti family took root. The family later moved to Hailey. David opened the Gem Bar and Epi started taking in Basque boarders to make ends meet. Epi became well known for her wonderful food as she served a few lucky diners each night if there was room. Ernest Hemingway, Bing Crosby, and Tennesse Ernie Ford, were among the famous who ate at Epi’s.

Dan Ansotegui has been involved in the Boise food scene for 40 plus years, starting both Bar Gernika in 1991 and The Basque Market in 1999. He was recently involved in Txikiteo known for its fine charcuterie and tapas. Dan drug in his wife, Tamara Ansotegui, and daughter, Ellie Ansotegui, into their project here at Ansots. They couldn’t be happier to work with a kinder, more talented man, but someday would like to try…

Chorizos and Specialty Meats

Ansots chorizos, bacon, solomo, and ground meat are hand-made using family recipes that have been passed down over the past 100 years. We proudly serve these products and hope you will enjoy them in your home as well as in Ansots.

Traditional Chorizos

$10 /lb

Motzak Roasted Garlic Chorizos

$11 /lb

Txistorrak, smokey and spicy

$11 /lb

Urdaixa (Basque Bacon)

$11 /lb

Marinated Solomo

$8 /lb

Croquetas (uncooked by the dozen)

$11 /dz


Dan started catering with Bar Gernika in 1991 – during these thirty years of experience, Dan has learned a lot from great chefs like Jesus Alcelay, Miren Barquin, Alberto Bereziartua, and Frank Burns. In 2012, he brought on his charming daughter Ellie to help. Over time, the casual backyard solomo and chorizo barbecue has transformed into full paella dishes and lamb on a spit for family gatherings, holiday events, and weddings.

While Ansots offers catering for your event at off-site locations, we also have a side room “Ondoan” with ample spacing for up to 24 . You are invited to come check out the space for your next event for your family or company.

Talk to us about delivering a Paella dinner to your house for 6 to 10 people.

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